Cobble Close Cobble Close Some of the many animals that call Cobble Close home 194680244 Current car port and loft. Former farm equipment building and hey loft. Above features a 2,000 sq ft unfinished loft with two-story ceilings. 194680245 Main entrance way arch 194680247 Former men's lounge 194680248 1930's aerial photo 194680249 Former Orangery (winter fruit tree storage). Now great room in 6,700 sq ft home which also includes former men's 12-room dormitory and lounge 194680250 Back acre fountain. Note four statues in background 194680251 Front door. Note large "martini" bell on right which use to summons guests to afternoon libations 194680252 Former caretakers house and dining hall 194680253 fountain 194680254 Interior courtyard to caretakers house and dining hall 194680255 Statue 194680256 194680257 Cattle which reside in front pasture 194680258 Car port and loft area 194680259 Fountain with car port and loft in background 194680260 drinking fountain 194680261 Main courtyard. Building on right former men's dormitory, Orangery worker's lounge. 194680262 Pond with colonnade in back. Note tower on right. Currently a maids quarters with kitchen and bath 194680263 Pool with cabanas and bar in background 194680572 Colonnade 194680573 Interior to collanade 194680610 12-car garage 194680711 Winter at Cobble Close 194680492 Former dairy bottling and ice room. Now a den and guest room. 194680517 Circa 1950's 194682633 Little Red Riding Hood character on gutter drain is one of many that can be seen throughout the estate 194682634 Aerial photo 1930's 194682635 Drawing featured in the 1934 Architecture Digest which profiled the Strauss Farm shortly after its completion 194682636 One of many private enclosed gardens. 194682637 Cows bathing in the pond 194760294 Winter wonderland 194760295 The pond in summer 194760296