Cobble Close Farm
13-acre compound with four unique luxury homes

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Home on the exclusive Cobble Close Farm for sale at $ million

310 Cooper Road, Red Bank NJ 07701


Red Bank, NJ (prototype "for sale" press real) - One of only four exclusive homes at Cobble Close Farm, an architectural French masterpiece, is on the market for $ million. This roughly 3,000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bath home features a 50-ft long living room, 3 private walled-in gardens, wine cellar, 14-ft ceiling library/family room, finished basement.


About Cobble Close. Built by the Straus family who founded Macy’s, this estate sits on 13 old-growth acres and was built with materials transported from Europe or cast directly on the property by old-world artisans and masons brought here from Europe in the 1920’s.


Once a working “gentleman’s dairy estate”, Cobble Close comprises a number of  buildings totaling 29,000 sq. ft. that originally included an orangerie, worker’s dormitory, dining hall, care taker’s house, stables, cow barn and bull pen. In the ‘60’s, the estate was turned into a 4-owner co-op.


The buyer will have ownership of Cobble Close which affords access to the pool, cabanas w/bar, BBQ and game room as well as the beautiful grounds which are dotted with neo-classical statues, fountains and a livestock filled pastures.


Sought-after property. Last year, the four owners decided to sell Cobble Close in its entirety for $10.9 million. However, one of the owners, who has lived at the estate for over 65 years, changed his mind and decide to stay. This is not surprising because properties at Cobble Close seldom come on the market because owners almost never leave, until now.


“Only once in over 60 years has someone sold a home here without a death in their household. People don’t leave unless they are carried out.” said Mr. Mindham. He added that they get constant inquires about properties at Cobble Close which just don’t come up that often.  The Mindham family moved to Cobble Close in 1994 upon the death of the previous owner, a European actress who 15-minutes of fame was when she appeared in the acclaimed Italian classic film "La Dolce Vita."


Low cost upkeep: $ annual property taxes (for this home alone). Cobble Close is “farm assessed” has among the lowest property taxes in the area. By comparison, the home directly across the street, which sits on less than 3 acres, pays over $40,000 annually in property tax.


 “Because we split the maintenance and upkeep costs four-ways, it’s quite affordable to maintain. Couple that with the per-owner property tax and it’s much less than one would pay for a typical single family home in this area and at this price.” said Mindham


Once a home of the stars, European nobility and now the backdrop for TV and fashion. Cobble Close has been featured in many movies, TV commercials and fashion layouts including Vogue, Victoria’s Secret and Brooks Brothers. In the 1950’s a European Countess and World War II spy, Stephanie Julianne von Hoenlohe live at Cobble Close. The actress Nadia Grey and her husband of “La Dolce Vita” once owned the Mindham’s home. Cobble Close is also known, but not as broadly, as one of the location sites for the acclaimed 1970's classic adult film "Misty Beethoven." 


A commuters dream to NYC. A fast commuter ferry whisks people to Manhattan in just 35 to 40-minutes. The train station is less than a 5-minute drive away and runs every 

30-minutes during commute time. Non-rush hour drive-time to NYC is about 50-minutes.


Contact Information: The property is at 310 Cooper Road, Red Bank, NJ 07701. Mr. Mindham can be reached at: 732.996.7944, Skype: jeff mindham or 



A  % commission is being offered to licensed real estate agents who bring a buyer to this transaction. For more information, go to:  



The home for sale is on the right as one enters the courtyard through the archway. It has a rambling configuration with a large walled enclosure. Please note that this photo was taken between 1930 - 1950.